Matthew & Zanie surprise engagement

Two very dear friends of mine, getting engaged in San diego.

     Matthew is one of my best friends, it was an honor to be apart of his surprise to his beloved Zanie who is like a sister too me. I flew out in the early hours from Portland to San Diego, to meet them around 5pm. Spent the day exploring the city waiting for the moment, I got to Sunset cliffs around 4pm and waited at a designated spot for them to appear. Zane had no idea, and it was a time filled with Tears of joy and deep laughter from their family. Here are the photos from the trip. 


Alec Fritz

Marblehead OH

Pops on top of Marblehead Lighthouse. 

Pops on top of Marblehead Lighthouse. 

     A family vacation caused a few days of the summer heat to be spent with loved ones. Marblehead OH, is a place filled with interesting textures and design. With its interest's the waves of lake erie seem to be a little bluer than the normal deep and dark brown that I usually familiarizes with. Water is a beautiful thing, somehow when your landlocked in a flat place, even a two day sabbatical can bring great joy to a weary and 'dry' soul. As someone who longs for movement outside of my own I'm always looking for natures daily commutes, clouds passing, water rushing, and the stillness of mountains in the distance that cause your heart to beat a little faster. These things greatly move my spirit, they are natures worship to the father, and I recognize that, how can that not bring you joy? Being with your family also constitutes to these soul refreshing reminders, the inner happiness caused by people who have poured into your life since birth is a powerful one. Rest is simply this, eliminate the unnecessary and we are forced to relax in the obvious.   


“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary,
so that the necessary may speak.” —Hans Hofman


“As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I simply watch what they do.” —Andrew Carnegie


REST- Cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.

"A wise man travels to discover himself". -James Russell Lowell

Spring Can't Last

     Spring is a bitter sweet season, the constant wet and grey days bring new life and cause you to reflect on the growth experienced in the past year. This dichotomy between new and old is a feeling this season has caused for generations, in this contemplation we experience hope. This season is about small experiences, small advances in our daily time. Quiet moments with loud thoughts, the cool mornings with a smell of a past over rain. To aid your hiatus of the tangled mind Ive made a playlist to embody these emotions of the season. Take a listen while watching the rain slip off a newly budded leaf.

'Spring Cant Last' A springtime reflection