Golden hour

     Friends are a wonderful thing, new or old they always push me to better myself. Community is such an over used word in our generation, but thats because its a good one. God never designed man to be alone, whether with wife or close friends this goal is fulfilled. Granted God can, and should fill this void always, the void of being along can only be filled by him. But he also put in that place brotherhood and sisterhood and also something deeper, marriage. Im constantly reminded of how absolutely, stupidly blessed I am when I look at my life. Family and friends I don't deserve but were giving to me freely, and also how I was saved from the consequences of my deeply rooted sins by christ. This is a deep and complicated thought to pair with these photos I had so much joy photographing, but its something we should be reminded of daily.  I'm always praying and looking to God when Im taking photos, honestly I would be a terrible photographer without him. My favorite moments are when he shows me things that most would consider an accident but I never do. The Photos on the end of this set are some of my favorite photos I've taken in awhile, because of this very reason. There was an odd fog on my lens that created these beautiful glares. This resulted in me breathing on my lens repeatedly to try it out more. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.

Alec Fritz