Today I'm going to write about goals. It's something I've struggled with for awhile, though by the grace of God I've overcome a large part of what I'm going to write about. In this young generation the issue of what someones goals are is often in question. "Im going to change the world!" is often on the lips of the younger ones, while something I hear all the time from my age group is, "I just want to make money doing what I love." I think both have missed the point entirely. Both goals are good, (yet very vague if you really think about it) but neither give lasting happiness. My only goal in this life is to be known as a man who followed Jesus Christ with all of his strength. I really don't care if I'm known as a good photographer, a good artist, or even a person who bettered the world. If my paramount pursuit is to fall more in love with Jesus these lesser goals and dreams will follow. Our generation is often confused and shallow, yet we talk about depth and community. "I want my work to mean something." we say.  "I just want to go places." These thoughts are all focused on self. Selfishness and pride were things I never thought I struggled with until God showed me that I had a lot to learn in this area about a year ago. I still can be a very selfish and proud person, but I'm learning to set my gaze on Jesus and trust that these problems of mine will work themselves out in good time. All I want is Jesus. That's all I will ever want by the grace of God, and I'm praying our generation learns this too. Unfortunately I see most of this shallowness in the Christian community, and it breaks my heart because they have the truth. They have Jesus and yet often their pursuit of Him is so half-hearted. I don't mean to push my beliefs on anyone, or try and make someone be further along in their faith then their ready for. These are just the thoughts of a very imperfect man, trying to walk out his life with Jesus. I will, however, say that there is something deeper. Jesus is jealous for our love. He's not offended when we don't spend time with him, but he is jealous, and he knows that we are missing out on a greater purpose and peace, by not being with him.